Monday, 20 August 2012

Late summer: time to ruminate.

That mid-August feeling of tired weary slowing down. In a good year the hot dry weather makes it an attractive proposition to sit and watch, maybe take time off, relax for a little while. To have a brief respite from sowing and planting with attention turning to spotting the treasures lurking amongst the lush green growth. A good time for reflecting on the previous few months before sowing and planting for winter and spring harvests begins, as well as planning for next year's crops. What's been good, bad or indifferent. What to avoid next year. How to do it all better (weather permitting....).

Also a time for personal reflection and assessment and planning for my own future. Am I doing what I really want? I seem to be running to stand still, if not slip backwards. I'm not so naive to think that immediate results and success are possible after such a short time but have I just spent 3 years studying to be in this situation? Have I started off on the actual right path that will lead me to my destination? If not, is it possible to adjust things into a position where I am, and where I can continue to develop myself, my skills and my business. Not to mention developing my bank account.....

I like growing vegetables, that's what led me to study horticulture in the first place. However, at present I'm not enjoying it because it takes me away from doing what I want to concentrate on now - growing British cut flowers. The flower side of things hasn't taken off in the way I would have liked as I've had to spend most of my time prioritising veg boxes, leaving little time for  planting, tending, promoting and selling. So something has to change or my business isn't going to be viable and I'm going to get fed up.

So I'm taking the initiative, not sitting back and waiting and not just plodding on but going on the lookout for a way in which I can do what I want and be what I want. After all, there's no point in changing your life and still settling for less.

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  1. Fabulous and insightful as ever. I'd love to follow your dream regarding the cut flowers...Thank you